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Jehovah sneaky: He answers prayers

In the moments we allow ourselves to be transparent, God’s goodness and grace are exposed. When we share our story, including the mistakes, premature starts, and successful steps, His unconditional love toward us is revealed and offered to all. Here is a glimpse of my story, a story of rescue and answered prayer… Approximately 6 months… Continue reading Jehovah sneaky: He answers prayers

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I caught up with an old friend today. After 30 years and within a total of 10 sentences I made reference to past mistakes. (really?!) Their response was something I’ve preached to others but suddenly- I heard it. “Everyone makes mistakes June…yup even me! Ha ha. But as you know we are not defined by them. We are… Continue reading Defined


God of Suddenly

Have you ever thought about the suddenlies of life? You know, one minute you are working your plan, or perhaps coasting … then suddenly. Everything changes. I first noticed it happen years ago when living in a home I loved, amidst great friends, near family, doing a job I adored, in a hospital that was… Continue reading God of Suddenly


A Song of Surrender

A cloud of challenges overshadow meStalking my every stepIn spite of the threats I remain aloofSeparated by Your promisesAssured by the peace that envelops my soul Every step hesitant, awaiting directionEvery movement secureThe answer thou beyond my scopeWillingly- all control released Pressing in to seek Your faceMy true objective is realizedI celebrate every thorn that… Continue reading A Song of Surrender