Back on the Trail

My recent time at Kruger National Park reminded me of my need for the outdoors. I remembered how my previous love of running was founded in trails, dirt, mountains, and (seeing) animals, rather then the actual work of running. Nature is where I get inspired to write because that is where I hear God speaking to my heart… Continue reading Back on the Trail

God in us · Running

The Subtle Distraction

Have you ever embarked on a new journey only to discover you lost your way? Somewhere along the line you took a left, rather than a right turn? I think that is what happened to me. I was running my race at a good clip, even maneuvering the mountains without too much difficulty when WHAM.… Continue reading The Subtle Distraction

Faith · Running

Searching in Locations

There have been so many adjustments since moving into Harrismith and although a small town, it still is a town. I quickly learned to enjoy our neighbors, who invited us to the neighborhood braai (barbecue) and began making us feel welcome right away. Living in town has also provided us with a fenced yard allowing… Continue reading Searching in Locations


Running again!

I’ve started running again. Today was my 4th day of running after a long absence. . . Changes, restructuring, organizing, moving, and figuring out life in South Africa all over again had me preoccupied, tired and drained of energy.  Add to that holidays and a computer that crashed taking my whole website with me =… Continue reading Running again!