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Seasons of wobble …

There are days when I am certain I am not (good) enough. When my faith begins to falter in the midst of continued manifestation of… When my too do list, out paces my “got dones”. Condemnation creeps toward me as I contemplate the judgement I feel awaits. From those whose walk is (seemingly) without challenge. Those who never… Continue reading Seasons of wobble …

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I caught up with an old friend today. After 30 years and within a total of 10 sentences I made reference to past mistakes. (really?!) Their response was something I’ve preached to others but suddenly- I heard it. “Everyone makes mistakes June…yup even me! Ha ha. But as you know we are not defined by them. We are… Continue reading Defined

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The Subtle Distraction

Have you ever embarked on a new journey only to discover you lost your way? Somewhere along the line you took a left, rather than a right turn? I think that is what happened to me. I was running my race at a good clip, even maneuvering the mountains without too much difficulty when WHAM.… Continue reading The Subtle Distraction

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To live is Christ

As I was studying the verse in Phil. 1:21 I am reminded that my life is no longer my own. . . To live IS Christ, to die is gain. It challenged me. It caused me to think and consider what this means and how to accomplish this truth in my life. It is evident… Continue reading To live is Christ