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Seasons of wobble …

There are days when I am certain I am not (good) enough. When my faith begins to falter in the midst of continued manifestation of… When my too do list, out paces my “got dones”. Condemnation creeps toward me as I contemplate the judgement I feel awaits. From those whose walk is (seemingly) without challenge. Those who never… Continue reading Seasons of wobble …

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When family meets family

The long awaited day has come and gone and in it’s wake there lies a peace beyond any I have known. You never know the impact events have in ones life until they pass. I had no idea what to expect when my parents met those I work, live, and serve with in South Africa.… Continue reading When family meets family

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Jehovah sneaky: He answers prayers

In the moments we allow ourselves to be transparent, God’s goodness and grace are exposed. When we share our story, including the mistakes, premature starts, and successful steps, His unconditional love toward us is revealed and offered to all. Here is a glimpse of my story, a story of rescue and answered prayer… Approximately 6 months… Continue reading Jehovah sneaky: He answers prayers


Back on the Trail

My recent time at Kruger National Park reminded me of my need for the outdoors. I remembered how my previous love of running was founded in trails, dirt, mountains, and (seeing) animals, rather then the actual work of running. Nature is where I get inspired to write because that is where I hear God speaking to my heart… Continue reading Back on the Trail