Faith · God in us

Seasons of wobble …


There are days when I am certain I am not (good) enough.

When my faith begins to falter in the midst of continued manifestation of…
When my too do list, out paces my “got dones”.

Condemnation creeps toward me as I contemplate the judgement I feel awaits.
From those whose walk is (seemingly) without challenge.
Those who never struggle, wane, or question the why’s of life.

It is during those moments that I wonder.
I doubt my own faith and God’s ability (desire) to use me.
I question. . .

YES. I question.

It is only then that I am reminded of the great witnesses of old.
They too had seasons of wobble as they walked through moments of doubt,  illness, and sin.

Yet God saw them.

He looked into their heart and saw the person He created they be.

So as I begin to wobble I am reminded it is not my walk I should watch.
For as I keep my eyes on Jesus

My walk will transform into His likeness as I become the one He created.





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