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When family meets family


The long awaited day has come and gone and in it’s wake there lies a peace beyond any I have known.

You never know the impact events have in ones life until they pass. I had no idea what to expect when my parents met those I work, live, and serve with in South Africa.  All I knew is that I deeply desired it to happen.

Amongst the Basotho family is important, relationships are everything.  A common question I encounter, though often hesitantly asked, is how is it living so far from my parents, brothers, daughters and their families.

This provides an opportunity to share about the grace and peace of God received when you answer His call. Yet, often I see the question and curiosity remain as a glimmer in their eye.

We spent Friday morning together, both of my families, and talked and ate and laughed.

My parents shared and expressed joy at being able to experience and meet those they only heard about.  My mom spoke her heart expressing her ability to now release me to continue doing the work God has called me to, even though it is in South Africa, until He calls me elsewhere.  This is huge people. HUGE.

The coaches had in turn written a letter to my parents prior to their arrival.  The letter thanked them for their sacrifice in allowing a child of theirs to serve so far away from family. . .

The exchange left me speechless and as I ponder it even today, I remain so.

Once again, God bestowed an incredible and unexpected blessing.

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