Back on the Trail

mountain trail

My recent time at Kruger National Park reminded me of my need for the outdoors.
I remembered how my previous love of running was founded in trails, dirt, mountains, and (seeing) animals, rather then the actual work of running.

Nature is where I get inspired to write because that is where I hear God speaking to my heart the loudest.
It’s the place that all distraction has been pressed out as I dig deep into Him… to run.

So, once again donned (new) trail running shoes.

I’ll be honest today was HARD.
Not due to my age, but rather my lack of commitment and discipline (which I could easily rationalize) has taken it’s toll on me physically this past year.

Yet today, when my foot first hit gravel and the mountain path loomed before me, I felt free.
Free to sweat and ache and push myself.
Free to walk, run, even skip if desired…. and every speed in between.

Free to just be….me. with Him. alone and yet together.
My Potter, me His clay.

This path is not road or sidewalk smooth, rather it varies between sand, gravel, rock, loose stones, and grass with  every change in terrain reminding me of my walk with God.
Some moments this path is easy and carefree, some require close scrutiny and trepidation, while others demand a slow gait as the path is prayerfully chosen.

Additionally, there are areas that cause friction leading to blisters, moments when the temperature rises and the sweat pours (glistens for us girls), and still other moments when the heat become intense leaving skin red and burning.
Yet through it all God is there running alongside.

We are never alone.
Others may run with us for a season, long or short.
God remains constant.

Today I only travelled 8 km in an hour. So slow.
Tomorrow my time and distance will vary yet my goal remains constant.

Run the race set before me.
My eyes are set on His goal for me and I will dig deep to apprehend!

Will you?

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