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I caught up with an old friend today.

After 30 years and within a total of 10 sentences I made reference to past mistakes. (really?!)
Their response was something I’ve preached to others but suddenly- I heard it.

“Everyone makes mistakes June…yup even me! Ha ha. But as you know we are not defined by them. We are who God says we are…His children”

Truth. Powerful truth that we hear and give quick assent to without really thinking about it. That’s what I had done.

It isn’t head knowledge we need, it is the rhema life-giving special God-revelation of that truth that’s required. If I had internalized this truth, would I apologize or make reference to a person I no longer am and haven’t been for over 20 years? No.

Earlier today I was teaching my pre-teen class discussing Eve, the fall, and sin. Our object lesson was this: Using glass containers we spoke of how prior to the fall Adam and Eve were like these clear vessels, they could look through each other and see God.

After the fall, that vessel took on a multitude of colored tissue in various shapes and sizes- called sin.  No longer could they peer through each other to see God. Now they just saw colors and shapes on the outside, no clarity, and they had to guess on the internal contents.

Yet God in His extravagant grace has allowed us to light a candle within our vessel called Jesus.

When we choose Him, He resides in us and His light shines out. All of the colors and shapes on the outside then glow in VICTORY proclaiming the truth, He has overcome. 

Today, I purpose to allow God’s light shining through the myriad colors of past mistakes to be enough.

Truly, all He desires is to be glorified through me, and He is.

I encourage you to do the same.

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