God in us · Running

The Subtle Distraction

Have you ever embarked on a new journey only to discover you lost your way?

Somewhere along the line you took a left, rather than a right turn?

I think that is what happened to me.

I was running my race at a good clip, even maneuvering the mountains without too much difficulty when WHAM. Out goes my knee.

The unexpected injury not only began to strip away my physical gains, it began a subtle veering on my path. Surgery, recovery, and slow rehab seemed to straighten my way as I grew in physical strength and stamina.

Running, cycling. I felt strong.

However, this body started to change again. Barely perceptible to someone on the outside yet to me the changes loomed ominous. My endurance began declining even though activity increased. Weight creeped on without dietary changes, it was as if I aged 10 years overnight.

I felt betrayed once again, this time with a thyroid disorder and one that vacillated. For those who experienced hyper or hypothyroid…. all I can say is, ugh!

So,I started waking each morning doing a physical inventory and based upon the findings would choose my path for the day. Wrong I know, but it was my reality. I had completely allowed my flesh to lead me. I knew how to overcome as I worked, taught, and shared but on a personal level I was failing.

The challenges have not changed but my realization of the power I forfeited to a body that only carries the REAL me has.

No longer will I inventory a cover for the status of it’s content.

No longer will I choose my path based upon the temporary and ever changing symptoms of a shell that will one day fall off.

I will base my day upon God’s Word which reminds me that this body must be controlled not controlling (1 Cor. 9:27) that within this body the Holy Spirit dwells and where God dwells no sin (sickness) may dwell. ( Rom. 8:11) That as I remain single focused with my eyes only on Him, He will be reflected from me and provide all I need. (Matt. 6:22-33) Finally, He reminds me that I was healed over 2,000 years ago. It is DONE. (1 Peter 2:24)

Although this body may try to distract me from God’s purpose I now recognize the subtle shift which caused me to sow seeds of doubt within the garden of my soul. I have pulled the weeds that were growing and determine to sow seeds of truth, life, and health. They are the only ones with eternal value.

Today, if you find yourself trapped within a physical shell that is speaking death or destruction I challenge you to join me.

Let us purpose to ignore its clamor, be single focused and trust God for wisdom as we walk/run the race set before us!

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