Do I know Him?

This weekend devotional will send us on a journey as we question, do I really know Him.

Let’s look at  I John 2:4 today,  The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him;

This scripture expresses the idea that if I truly know Him (Christ) I will keep His commandments, if I do not keep His commandments I am a liar and do not truly know Him.

We know from John 16:13 that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  I propose that the truth not is us, as stated in the scripture above, would be the very Spirit of Truth Himself- the Holy Spirit. (stick with me here a minute)

As He (the Holy Spirit)  indwells us His commandments (teachings) would become alive and our hearts desire would be to follow Him in everything. Likewise the opposite is true. When I used to state, “I know Him” but in actuality I only knew OF Him, attempting to follow His teachings was a hard thing. How could I love those who misused or abused me?

A bitter challenge I often failed on my own.

It is my belief that there are many who, like me, profess to “know Him” when that knowledge is as yet only head knowledge. (you know, I’ve heard His name, read about Him….)

To truly “know” someone requires time spent with that person. It is only then that the nuances of their likes and dislikes become apparent to you. It is then that you recognize how to please them, AND desire to do so. It is at that point that in the midst of an action, a story, or a thought the red flag raises of “Wow, they wouldn’t like/be happy about me saying or doing this” and then you make a decision to stop in an effort to please them.

So, if it is that simple to “know” someone why would it be different with God?

Okay, so He doesn’t speak audibly to us.  However, He does have a HUGE book of love letters written specifically to us! It’s really no different that that long distant romance of old where you would share snail mail to get to know one another.

In fact, the whole New Testament is written for us to use NOW. Filled with examples in the biographies (Gospels) of Jesus of what a life looks like that really knows God. In fact, He even stated “If you see me you see the Father”. We also have the letters (epistles) that were written to help us understand even more how to remain in Him and live this life successfully.

Love letters written to us to help us get to know the Father.
To help us develop relationship. To spend time with Him.

If that isn’t enough (which it isn’t for me) there is a TON of music devoted to God and created to help us enter into His presence with thanksgiving and praise. Allowing us to relax and focus on who He is… no different than those quiet times you spend in the presence of those you love.

Let’s face it, all relationships take time and the amount of time and attention you invest in them determines the quality of relationship you enjoy.

It’s our choice, our decision. Do we really want to know Him?
Then spend time with Him.

Abba, my Father, I long to know you on the most intimate and personal of levels. I desire my relationship with you to be the most important one in my life. Teach me how, draw me into your loving arms as I learn of you and relax in your presence. Amen.

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