Anything is Possible

We limit.

We . . .
tie ourselves up with chains from past mistakes, present concerns, and future failings.
enclose ourself with walls of fear, betrayal, rejection, and judgement.

NOT God’s plan

We . . .
record the voices of hurt, meditate on offense, dwell in the secret place of hopelessness.
depression is our friend, hurt our confidant, and pain our nearest relative.

NOT God’s plan.

We. . .
feel safe in illness, loved in problems, cherished when considered victims.
are relieved with excuses and freed with rationalizations of why – we cannot

NOT God’s plan.

His desire . . .
Unmerited grace from error, concern, and failings.
Crumbled walls providing freedom, unrestricted possibilities and endless opportunities.

God’s plan.

His desire. . .
Voices proclaiming love, forgiveness, dwelling in the secret place of the Most High.
joy is our friend, healing our confidant, and hope our nearest relative.

God’s plan.

His desire. . .
restoration and health, loved in wholeness, cherished when helping others.
perseverance during challenges and freedom to proclaim . . .

We CAN do all things through Christ who strengthen us

* When your flesh screams run, He says advance and conquer.
* When you feel weak, He fills you with strength.
* When your mind goes blank, He holds the answers.

YOU can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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