Faith · God in us

If I had a wish

If I had a wish, I’d wish we would wake up.

Wake up to the possibilities that lie before us. The opportunities that are present. The joy in our today.

I see people everywhere, across continents, countries, states, and towns – discontent.

Endlessly waiting….

I wish people would learn to enjoy the journey, to SEE the gift of today and reach out to those people that walk across their path.

Too often, far too often, we are stuck in our own misery and hurt and become blind to those around us whom God desires we touch in our normal day.

Yes, salvation is for us but more than that, salvation is to give away. To extend the reach of God’s love, family, and helps.

WE must quit compromising and trying to “be” all people. God called us to be all things to all people- not to BE the people.
How are we light and salt if we love those that love us, hate those that hate us, and get offended at the silly and big things people do?
How are we light and salt if we partake all the world offers and allow the values and moral code to influence our decisions?
How are we light and salt when we esteem those the world esteems who even express hate toward our God?

I say there is NOTHING different in us then. No reason why anyone would want to know our God who is, and embodies love.
We must be different.

It IS okay that we are different, strange, even peculiar.
It is when we allow ourselves to be, that we become the light and salt and God shines through us.
It is then that we draw people- whether out of curiosity, need, or disgust… people will notice God in us.

It is the light and salt that exposes deception, lies, and sin and purifies both us and the church.

Come on church….

We cannot wait until we have the (HUGE) ministry God seems to have called us all to.
This HUGE calling has left far too many of us discontent with the handful of people He has set before us today.
We have forgotten that within ONE a multitude can explode.

After all doesn’t one apple tree have far greater potential than a bushel of apples at the store?
I hunger for the opportunity of reaching that one apple tree – who can then nourish and grow and multitude of apples.

Church I beg you, be content and thrilled to share God’s good news with whomever will listen NOW.

THAT is His calling for you TODAY!

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