God of Suddenly

Have you ever thought about the suddenlies of life?

You know, one minute you are working your plan, or perhaps coasting … then suddenly.

Everything changes.

I first noticed it happen years ago when living in a home I loved, amidst great friends, near family, doing a job I adored, in a hospital that was incredible when 


My house sold, I moved an hour away from friends and family, changed jobs and was introduced to the living Jesus who became Lord of my life.  I surrendered all and was. . . granted everything.

The next one occurred years later, again surrounded by friends and church family, in a  job I loved, at another hospital I adored when 


I was leaving the country  selling everything, moving thousands of miles away, to a country unfamiliar and culture unknown. I left all and found …. abundant life.

Today I live surrounded by friends and “family” in a new country I call home, doing work I adore in a culture I find fascinating when


I am being whisked stateside earlier than planned with no tangible idea of God’s purpose. One thing I know as I remember the past, I remain fully confident that I can submit to Him and. . .  anticipate miracles!

Please pray for wisdom as I adjust, rearrange, and work on the details needed over the next few weeks.

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