Two Homes?

I was thinking about home today.
As a missionary on the field for the past 3 years, at various times I have felt conflicted with which location I should call home. If I refer to South Africa as home, my heart feels disloyal to all my family/friemily/ and friends in the USA and vice versa.
Looking at my heart recently I have determined that my home is not divided but shared between two continents.
I have learned that it is indeed big enough to embrace both with God’s help.
During seasons of need on either continent I am learning that I am not restricted by location.  
As I stay in relationship with God He provides me with the clues (promptings) and opportunities to reach out and support, encourage, and strengthen those far from me. His timing on when to contact those I love has been impeccable.
My understanding of prayer, especially Spirit-led prayer, has deepened – it is our most powerful weapon to use to mobilize and/or change situations.
Today, although my heart yearns to be with my family to physically support and love, I know my actions hold far greater weight this side of the ocean.  Due to distance I must listen to God for direction and pray rather than be caught up in the crisis doing what I feel rather than listening to God’s voice.
So if today you find yourself far from those you long to physically support and encourage, find strength in the tools and resources God has placed at your disposal.  
He will use your heart to reach across the ocean.

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