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Discipline in 21?

It takes 21 days to form a new habit.
Discipline is essential in life and I am the first to admit that it does not come naturally to me. The only time I am successful in any discipline is when I FINALLY succeed in moving it into the habit arena, and that process is usually painful, taking…
21 days.
It is fascinating to me how quickly even those- our habits, can be lost. As soon as we count on them to be there, to be sustained, we look around and realize they have disappeared. For me that is exactly what happened starting with my flight back to America…
The regular discipline of running, exercise, and foods became infrequent, and near non-existent amidst the irregular schedules and travel. As I headed back to SA my excuses and rationalizations continued with the presence of my daughter and various ministry teams.  In fact, the only discipline I was able to hang onto was my morning routine of journaling, Bible reading, and study – and THAT only after YEARS and YEARS of habitual practice and struggle to develop (therefore I protect it at all cost).
I can hear many of you say, isn’t that enough? To which I would soundly reply “no!” (emphatically in case you wondered) Why not?
Well, without the regular physical discipline of my body I began to notice other little changes as well. Decreased energy, fatigue, weariness amongst some.  I realized that if I wanted to remain strong and fulfill the God-call on my life I NEED to discipline myself.
Finally after much procrastination and planning I have stepped back onto the painful platform of discipline.  My goal? To be faithful with the plan 21 days.
21 days of faithfulness, regardless of pain or inconveniences.
After 21 days, I will focus on the next 21 days and watch as my life once again is transformed in a way that only discipline can achieve.  Why don’t you think about joining me on this journey and we can travel it together…
If you want to take a peek at the areas I have focused on for the first 21 days follow this link.
If you are planning on joining me for the next 21 days take a moment to say “hi” below and join my accountability team 😀
Cheers to a stronger body, soul, and spirit!

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