Musical Blessings

Time with my daughter in the field introduced me to a new type of  blessing…
It has been close to 3 years since I have spent any significant time with my daughter Jaime.  July and August altered that as she joined our team at  Ignite to work alongside us in the field.
The joy of doing life together once again was such a treat. It did my mama’s heart good watching her listen to God’s voice and move in obedience to His direction. (even when that direction led her back to the states!)
However, along with all that came another unexpected blessing in my life…that of solitude.
Solitude in the midst of visits and family? Yup. solitude.
Perhaps you call it something else, I call it solitude. You know, the time that God’s peace centers you, surrounds you and pulls you back to His reality.
The time that you escape to rest in His arms.
I used to find that in running when living in the country.  I found the extreme sport of running up mountains plus the utter aloneness of it all, worked together to bring me right into His throne room.
Today I continue to love to run but it just isn’t the same – between people, cars, and safety you just need to stay alert so….
Jaime’s arrival with guitar in hand opened a new door for me. Something to learn to make sure I stay balanced 🙂 and a place to “escape to” in worship.  
Right into His presence even when strumming only a few chords!
As her departure neared I began to count the cost of owning my own guitar only to hear a whispered “wait.” So wait I did. 
Behind the scenes God moved in the hearts of my worship leaders, they blessed me allowing me to use the most beautiful green  guitar, to my hearts content!
God’s love overwhelms me and how He uses people to demonstrate His love for us in so many ways. Everyday. 
Due to the gifts others sowed into me I now can play a foundation of guitar chords, have a guitar to use, and tools/materials to continue learning.
Daily I enjoy a dose of “solitude” that blesses my soul and (hopefully) doesn’t hurt too many ears at home …
Where is it that you find “solitude”?

2 thoughts on “Musical Blessings

  1. oh my goodness! she’s beautiful!!! you really make me want to look for one again. so glad you’re playing and loving it!

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