One Proud Mama


There have been many things in my life that have overwhelmed me, inspired me, made me stand in awe.

Yet nothing touched my heart the way that occurred this past Wednesday when I saw my daughter ministering encouragement to hundreds of youth during our Impact conference.

Hearing first-hand her love for the Lord, watching how He chose to use her in front of the “masses” and of greater value how she demonstrated His love and invested her time off stage…taking time out to talk, one on one.

I believe I received one of my greatest-ever blessings from God in that moment.

Jaime shared from her heart including how God spoke a huge vision into a small town young girl.  How she held onto His vision and applied perseverance, hard work, lots of standing in faith and BIG moves to far away places – and has seen God faithful making it a reality in her life.  One educator shared, “(she) brought the world to the learners of South Africa, they know that God is alive, and with God nothing is impossible.”

I am so blessed to call her “daughter” and yup – I am one proud mama!



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