A crazy kind of week…

It’s been a crazy kind of week.

A hint of spring was in the air last weekend leaving us hopeful for warmer weather.  I even went for a run (finally) Monday morning!

Monday evening came and changed all that as the wind kicked up and snow started to fall.  It wasn’t long before the flickering power finally abandoned us altogether.  So… we bundled up, grabbed the candles, a flashlight and kerosene lamp and settled in for a time, hopeful it would be on soon.  No such luck.

With the wind fierce and pelting wet snow, the sound of cracking and feel of cold air forced through window panes was incredible.  After mere minutes without power we saw the sky light up in a small explosion and heard the sound of lines sizzling as a transformer blew nearby.  

That knowledge caused our small flicker of hope to fade sending us to bed with determination to get warm under multiple layers of clothes and bedding….

Seriously, I’ve never slept in so many layers of clothes before...  not even when camping during hunting season in Michigan! Long underwear, fleece, socks, flannel, insulated, and wool bedding all piled high.

Sleep was scarce even though I was somewhat warm.  With the wind and storm howling all night and the lack of electricity restricting the use of our alarm system it just seemed…odd and noisy and well…kinda scary (ummm trust?!) :P.

Anyhow, the morning brought a cold reality and beauty that can only come from nature unleashed.  Heavy wet snow encasing all in its wake. Trees and branches burdened and bowing under the sheer weight of it all.

As we drove attempting to find warmth (at least in a cup of coffee or cocoa) the white snow glistened in glory causing the  discomfort of the night before to flee into forgetfulness…

Isn’t that often how it goes?

To witness something miraculous you must be willing to stand fast during times of crisis.  

So the next time you encounter a challenge or trial, stand fast remembering that the beauty of your answer is on its way! 

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