Bridging the gap


I did much to prepare for this trip to America- planning, organizing, even envisioning what it would be like to see family and friends once again. I am certain the planning was helpful and I have enjoyed my first week here in so many ways however, what I didn’t expect was to feel suspended…

Out of sorts.

Almost caught between two worlds.

I find myself hesitant about simple things, like ordering a soda at McDonalds and wondering about the empty cup on the counter between us. Sitting at a gas pump looking for the attendants, or  paying a bill and trying to remember what currency to use..

Funny as it sounds the residual feeling it leaves is bizarre and difficult to express.

Therefore I find comfort in relationships and church services. I long for the familiar and comfortable such as these, and wonder how long the transition will take for my brain to remember where it is I am.  

So if I seem a bit hesitant, or slow in response to you, feel assured that it is still me..
I’m just taking a few moments as I walk across the bridge of multi-cultures.

So thankful for my time with you,




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