A little white shirt


The craziest things get my attention.

Like airport delays, being chosen as “the one” to randomly have their baggage checked, a fellow runner trying to make it to our airport gate before it’s closed….

Actually, anything out of the ordinary.  It causes me to take notice of what is going on around me.  To really LOOK at people, situations, and….(most importantly) what my response is to the interruption.

So when my mom brought out a little white shirt she had bought for me, I hit pause.

Immediately I was thrown into a memory as I packed my suitcase. . . the concern I had over the lack of a white shirt.  

I was reminded of the prayer of faith I whispered under my breath, and forgotten until now… “okay Lord, I trust you’ll find me a white shirt on sale so I can wear this”  as I folded the last item and closed my case.

I didn’t mention it to anyone, but God knew what I needed and provided, again reminding me of how He cares for the “little” things …

So tell me, how has God surprised you lately?



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