Sounding the Alarm

Here I am again, this time after being up all night post blaring house alarms and the discovery that they couldn’t “see” us.  They had no indication our alarm had been set off therefore were not checking on us.

Discovering the fact that our back up had failed in the event of a triggered alarm, sent a shiver of fear up my spine. . . .  My “protector” had failed.

As I laid in bed attempting to go back to sleep without the safety net of perceived protection, every noise sounded like footsteps or someone breaking into the house.  A comment recently shared as I welcomed a friend to our home echoed in my head.  

“Guess you don’t need the Holy Spirit with that house alarm” they said  in jest…

It’s true, all my grand statements about God being my protector were laced behind the curtain of house alarms and pepper spray, without which I felt vulnerable.

Alone. Exposed.

Similar to the picture of the snake in my photo above, when all is still with a camouflage of flowers before it, we can decieve ourselves into thinking that our trust lies and obedience begins, at the feet of our Saviour.  

It is only during moments of unanticipated crisis that the truth of where our hope lies is actually revealed.

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