Taking on the hills

Have you ever wondered the purpose of hills?

I mean seriously why can’t everything have a gentle downward slope to it helping you to propel forward?

Today I opted (yup by choice) to take them on and see what they were about and here is what I discovered …

As I approached the first of many “hills” I found myself overwhelmed, determining that there would be no way this body will be able to run this course.

However, as soon as I entered into the actual slope of the incline I found myself repositioning, muscles engaging, and tempo adjusting as I ran. and ran. and ran. . .

After all “hills” had been conquered by running I celebrated until looked at my time. Discouragement began to settle in as I noted a pace of sub 12 at which time God spoke to my heart the following.

I have called you to run your race and never imposed times or restrictions upon you. Too many people give up and stop when they do not accomplish, or their dreams do not occur, at the time they think it should.  

Instead, those are the very times you need to readjust,  press in and hold on. The mountains in your life are when I build strength, endurance, and perseverance. 

I had to quickly repent for the times I have gotten caught up in the number game, or time frames, determining success (and lack thereof) based on that.  Don’t get me wrong, goals are important to help us stay focused.

However,let us only measure true success by our obedience to run the (complete) race God has set before us!

Keeping my eyes on Him,

2 thoughts on “Taking on the hills

  1. amen. that’s one of the things i learned on my long run on saturday…that it would be easy to give up when you’re close and that the time isn’t always what you could might have thought it would be when you started, but that you take those hits of the unexpected and keep going no matter what. because what a shame it would be to be just close to the finish line, but not actually finish… plus, sometimes if you had gone too fast then you would have run into something that would stop you (i.e. rain, a snake, etc.) but you don’t know that hehe.
    question. on the hills do you look up or do you mostly look down? i can never decide haha but usually i keep my view limited rather than stare at the whole hill seems to help keep it in perspective that i can make it one more step. =)

    1. So true Katy! When running the hills I tend to keep my view limited to keep me focused on where I am, otherwise I may become overwhelmed with where I need to go 🙂

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