A little white shirt

  The craziest things get my attention. Like airport delays, being chosen as “the one” to randomly have their baggage checked, a fellow runner trying to make it to our airport gate before it’s closed…. Actually, anything out of the ordinary.  It causes me to take notice of what is going on around me.  To… Continue reading A little white shirt


Sounding the Alarm

Here I am again, this time after being up all night post blaring house alarms and the discovery that they couldn’t “see” us.  They had no indication our alarm had been set off therefore were not checking on us. Discovering the fact that our back up had failed in the event of a triggered alarm,… Continue reading Sounding the Alarm


Taking on the hills

Have you ever wondered the purpose of hills? I mean seriously why can’t everything have a gentle downward slope to it helping you to propel forward? Today I opted (yup by choice) to take them on and see what they were about and here is what I discovered … As I approached the first of… Continue reading Taking on the hills


Putting on the Miles

I believe the mile markers of running correlate to our Christian walk… Mile 1 is people. This first mile is often shared with others. It warms you up and prepares you for what’s to come. The enthusiasm of the run propels each step. Although the increased demand placed on the heart and lungs are “warming… Continue reading Putting on the Miles