Losing much

I find it curious that all you gain can be lost. Quickly.

Let me explain…

In attempting to motivate myself and become stronger to race I had added cross training and classes to my schedule. Specifically aerobics and a spinning (cycling) class. Yup, with people even.

Let me tell you, I was feeling great!  

Strong. powerful. ready to take on – life.  
Until it hit me.  

Within two days I was struggling to walk, eat, breathe, and talk. Diagnosed with pneumonia and a sinus infection I did what I could to rest. (but you know how that goes)

It has now been over 2 weeks and only yesterday did I attempt exertion in the form of running.

Although I logged in 2 miles, my time and the need to walk proved frustrating.  My strong muscles 😉 had become weak and flabby leaving me feeling like a newbie. 

It made me think about how we are tempted to “take time off” from reading our Word, praying, or spending time with God when life gets busy or challenging. We are led to believe that rest would benefit us and help us overcome, instead it weakens our core, our resolve and our spiritual muscles.

So next time you think about taking time off, rather than stopping altogether perhaps a tweak in your activities and schedule will suffice.

Allow yourself time to recover and still keeping those “muscles” strong!

Running the race,

3 thoughts on “Losing much

  1. Hi June,

    Thank you for your post. I know you write these for yourself but this is what I needed to hear. As you know, Ashley and I have been training for a Half Marathon on May 21st. Two weeks ago I didn’t run as much as I should have because of work and last week I had a cold. So this morning I decided to get up and run. The weather was crappy as it usually is in Michigan in April so I was going to go slow and do a short run. Well then the weather turned nice and I kept going to the point where I realized I had run too far (8 miles from home)! Thankfully a saw a friend on campus who drove me home. I have also been realizing that I’ve been slacking in the area of Bible reading. It is so much easier to watch TV after a long day then to read the Bible. Thank you for your encouragement. Looking forward to seeing you on this side of the pond. Much Love, Ana

    1. Ana,
      How exciting! Is it your first half you are running? I have yet to enter a marathon but have done a couple of half marathons and have loved it! Which race are you running in?

      So glad my words encouraged you, that is always my hope- to share the encouragement I receive!
      love and hugs, june

      1. It is my first half and second race, ever. My first was a 5K in mid-April as part of the preparation for the Half. I’m doing the Indy Geist with Ashely. I’m feeling good about it. Have 3 more weeks to increase my mileage from 8 to 13. :/ But with God all things are possible, right?
        love, Ana

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