The End of Me

If you have been following my posts you know the art of being is a challenge.  Inspired by being candid and feeling accountable to follow up I searched this week for what God wanted to say to me about rest.

What I noticed is my inner voice enjoys listing actual and perceived “to do’s” – often, tempting me to feel overwhelmed or over extended. Thanks to Amy, I have gotten into the habit of writing these lists down.  This allows me to let them go and move on, while knowing I will remember them later.

It is this mental list however, that demands attention every time I attempt to rest. In fact, this battle to rest causes me more fatigue than if I were to work!  This weekend God shared a truth with me that is so simple, yet so radical ….

To rest does not mean the absence of work, but rather the presence of God

I am refreshed when being the most physically challenged (running, spinning) and that is when His message to me is the most profound and life altering… thank you Jen for reminding me that rest- does not need to mean “rest!”

So how about you?

What method or medium does God use to write upon your soul?

One thought on “The End of Me

  1. love this. i agree trying and battling to “rest” is way more work and stressful than just working! and i think you’re on to something…the whole idea of “being” would be connected to who we are and what refreshes us and lets us be mostly wholly us…and i’m right there with you on the running, biking, etc. i come out with more energy after spending an hour with kiddos than if i were to sit and watch tv. =)

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