The Art of Being

I am a doer.

Growing up I embraced Nike’s tag line “just do it”  as I like to see things happen, change, grow, develop.  I love to see progress and transformation, especially in people’s lives.

Over the years this has served me (too?) well and been reinforced in work, as I volunteer and in ministry creating an ever increasing challenge in …. being.

Even when it comes to the inward transformation of ME, I do studying scripture, books, journaling, practice application and on and on and on.  Some of this is good and needed, yet today as I sat journaling I have realized that in all my doing I have forgotten how to “be”.

I wonder if I have taken the scripture “be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only” too far?  Sometimes we need to rest and meditate and allow God’s truths to infuse our being before acting.

So today I sit here perplexed, longing and knowing I need to “be” but totally at a loss of how to begin.

Would you take a moment or two to share your ideas and tips with me?

How do you rest, and just be?

9 thoughts on “The Art of Being

  1. **Hey June**
    I can totally relate to your message about being a “doer” but realize the importance of being still & listening to that still small voice. It takes practice but daily set aside time and just say this is my “be still” time. It will feel awkward @ first but pray & listen…Maybe make some tea….Open the bible…Uninterrupted time between you and God. It will be good for your soul & will be a destressor. How long does a habit take to form ? A couple weeks ?? Give it a try. God is doing great things in your life. Best of luck! Keep us posted! ❤ to you

    1. Crystal!
      Thanks so much for sharing your tips. Being still DOES feel awkward for me (unless I am exhausted after running.) I may just give the tea time a try – with my bible closed at first otherwise I will feel compelled to read. 🙂
      Thanks again!

  2. hey! I heard someone say, “In order to hear God, you have to be close to Him. That’s why He speaks in a whisper.” Running outside usually lets me “be”….and I am fully alive then! often, God speaks to me then! I know you share this passion. Plus it fills our “need” to be “doing” something too at the same time! love you June!

    1. Ahhh Jen,
      What you shared spoke directly to my heart and I can feel some bruising within… that is truly when I would hear God speak the most to me, refreshing me. Truth? My running has been “off” since moving to the city. I MISS being in nature and running the trails and find it a struggle to get out now…hmmm maybe there is some unfinished business I need to work through?
      Love you, and hearing your voice my friend!

      1. ah! i agree…i’m ready to get out on the trails. i keep waiting for the weather to agree. though, haha maybe it’s just my “legalist” side that goes wait does that count of just being if i’m doing!?

  3. you pretty much just summed up my big question of the last few weeks that i’m still clueless about…that weird i have absolutely no idea how to really rest. enjoy life, sure, but rest wha?! i don’t even know how to take a day off and actually use it as a day off instead of a day to do all the things i don’t do in my normal routine. i’m looking more and more to see how Jesus did it…because i know he did, just have to see and ask and then do er be haha.
    alright, hopefully others will have good tips and ideas because obviously i’ve got nothing! =)

  4. I’m with Katy that I don’t have any answers but have had this question ringing around in my head for quiet awhile now. The answers here have really helped me out too! I’m gonna start trying to “be” and not “do” so much.

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