My daughter wrote a blog about connections, she used the heart with its vessels to paint her picture. It struck a core in me making me think and question…

I was reminded of my time in Lesotho and the women who created beautiful tapestries. The weave of threads touching, overlapping. At times their proximity was intentional, while others accidental yet the final product remained one of beauty and color.

I considered relationships, connections- those intentional such as relatives, friendships that add color and value.  Or the unintentional “accidental” found in the shopkeeper or the person who bends down to pick up the bag you just dropped.  Both of these encounters impact us and cause a blending of fibers which will alter the design or color of our canvas.

These are connections.

Everyday, millions of fibers from others brush against the fiber of our being with potential to add, or subtract.  Which means we too have this potential of influence towards others leaving us a choice….what color of fiber will we choose, one that adds color and joy, or will we allow our personal challenges to smudge the color from others.

I choose yellow, I choose joy… the happiest color I know,

How about you?

5 thoughts on “Connections

  1. i agree yellow is one of the happiest colors and totally choose that one too…but i like to throw in other colors too…like green which so reminds me of life and abundant life and how i so want to throw that down on some canvas/lives. to bring new life. maybe mixed sometimes with a healing bright blue that comes with water and the kind of tears that bring healing. not to mention pink a bright happy pink that so emphasizes love with fun and enjoying both life and the person you’re with at the time.
    yep =) gotta make the tapestry beautiful and use the right color thread at the right time.

    1. I love it (and you) and the variety of colors!
      I can see it now as I look upon my wall =D Being able to choose which colors at what time is a gift but, not always possible. Sometimes things – or people, unexpectedly get tossed onto our canvas…

      I wonder, what happens when someone smears a color not desired? What if a muddy green or deep red should jump onto our brightly colored work of art?

      1. isn’t that what just makes the bright colors pop even more? and isn’t He in the business of redeeming those junky colors? i sure hope so…

      2. though do you think…boundaries and the like have the potential for us to keep those colors that we don’t desire out? or that we can remove them? or like someone can try to put some brown on there but then we can stop it if we choose? hmmmm

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