An Appeal: the gift of giving

Some would say that making this appeal is a lack of faith.
Others timidity, pride, or fear.

Although there may be slivers of each within, the truth is that I know God as Jehovah Jireh, my Provider. So I wait…

Recently God reminded me that He has called us to be active.
Only a moving vessel can be steered.  Expressed voices heard.  Gifts given, received.

Therefore I bring my appeal to you: I am scheduled to come home to the States the end of May and remain through mid-July for furlough however, I no longer have the finances to accomodate that schedule.

You see, the money I had raised through T-shirt sales in December was (I thought) for my travel expenses.  I found God had more urgent plans for it and I was thrilled to be a part of meeting the financial needs of our coaches during the holidays.  I witnessed His provision for them firsthand as He used me, and many Ignite South Africa supporters. Each of us became a blessing in lives of our coaches and their families during a time of need.

Today, I would like to extend an invitation to be a part of meeting my financial needs while in the states this year. The costs include airline tickets (due now), travel expenses (car/fuel), phone, and food.

With the exception of the airline tickets, many of these expenses will occur as I visit, share, and raise awareness for Ignite South Africa.  While the monthly donations I receive are a huge help (so thankful for all my faithful partners!) they will not meet these additional expenses as well as my rent and utilities in South Africa while gone.

If you would like to partner with me, or donate a special gift, you may do so two ways:

Write a check in my name to: (this will provide you with a tax credit as well)
Ruth Anne Mizer
714 S. Main St.
St Louis, Mi 48880.

Or, if  a tax credit is not needed you can use this link to donate directly to my paypal account.

So grateful for you!


2 thoughts on “An Appeal: the gift of giving

  1. Love you!

    When I thought about what else I could use the money for, I figured you were the best way to spend it! Thank you for your love and friendship. And thank you for being my source of strength and helping me find the Strength from above and helping me to resolve past hurts. For a moment your arms let me escape and find God’s warm embrace in a whole new way! Cannot wait till I see you again!

    1. Ana, your words really touched me – it is incredible how God uses people to reach out when we are willing. Thank you so much for sharing this note, as well as financial blessing. Looking forward to seeing you once again my friend 🙂

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