Without Words

It is in the multitude of words that my challenge lies leaving me in fact, without words.

An avalanche of words and events have been piling around me without the time to capture them on paper. The attempt to prioritize which story, testimony, or thought to share has left me either paralyzed in indecision, or with the initial lines started to a variety of blogs…all left unfinished as I consider and re-prioritize once again.

The stories are amazing, testimonies incredible, thoughts profound (not only mine:) and yet they remain locked within me yearning for exposure.

I know there is a season for all things and this season is one of massive activity as schools are confirmed and scheduled, luncheons for teachers planned, conferences scheduled and prepared for, schools starting and books delivered….as well as coaches trained.

My prayer is that all the stories, testimonies, and thoughts I am accumulating will be secured within the recesses of my heart and are unlocked in time, to share with you.

8 thoughts on “Without Words

  1. i hope to hear them someday =) praying for you in the midst of the activity that you find rest and secret places with Him.

  2. I am betting you will, and I thank you for your prayers – He is teaching me silence and solitude in the midst of noise and chaos… I’m loving it!

  3. Perhaps someday in May, June, July, or whenever it is you are coming home I could hear a few…..? ❤

    P.S. I love creeping on your facebook wall so much it should probably go under "hobbies." 🙂

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