Standing in awe..

I stand in awe because:
We held our first coach meeting last Friday and I realized how much I had missed everyone.  To be together as a group, in unity of vision and mission.  A heart that beats towards a common goal is so incredible…

I stand in awe that:
A group so different can be cohesive. united. one.

I stand in awe at how:
God has taken a small town girl, who’s greatest qualifications is saying “yes” to Him , and moved her to another country, across the ocean, and handed her the ability to touch so many lives.

I stand in awe as:
I look at the coaches,  amazing young men and women, and realize – just as I did with my daughter – that He would entrust them to me to teach, encourage, love, and mentor.

I stand in awe knowing:
My God loves through me. wow.

I am but a vessel for Him to flow through, what better job description is there?

2 thoughts on “Standing in awe..

  1. That is so neat! I love those moments of realizing how much God can use us and that He chose us for something so great! God is doing amazing things through you there. ❤

  2. Thanks Jess! I can’t wait to hear of all He reaps through you THERE too. Perhaps I’ll even get to see a little of it….

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