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Searching in Locations

There have been so many adjustments since moving into Harrismith and although a small town, it still is a town. I quickly learned to enjoy our neighbors, who invited us to the neighborhood braai (barbecue) and began making us feel welcome right away.

Living in town has also provided us with a fenced yard allowing us the luxury and practicality of a watch dog. (miniture though she is!)

The most challenging part of the transition for me has been in my running – my outdoor, escape with God time.

I ran the first day we moved and then rationalized why I couldn’t run due to injury, lack of time, and any other excuse I came up with, however, now I know it was streets, houses,  and the people walking that held me back.

I truly did not realize the extent to which I relied on and valued my run time, as escape with God time. In the quiet and majesty of outdoors perspective was realized, in seeing God’s handiwork in nature I recognized His love, in the challenge of trails, mountains and gravel I  pressed into His presence with intimacy and desperation- ways I would not have done while sitting in my home.

These past two run-less months have been a season in which I unknowingly was searching for a replacement for this need.  Seeking quiet corners, new tools, exploring locations, with no permanent success found, no peace of being “home” settling within my spirit.

This week I made a choice to begin running again, my body needed it, my soul and spirit did too.  The going was difficult with hills galore, even though they are now all paved. I settled in with the determination to focus inwardly as I ran- listen to the worship music playing, talking to God…  Each day as I purposed forward, I grew stronger and His peace within me grew greater.  I realized it isn’t in the location at all, it’s the heart, the attitude of the mind. God isn’t in a box to be found only one certain way, He is in every place that we invite Him whether alone, or with others.

So, the other day we took another route only a mere half block away from home. This road dumps into a trail,  nature, a mountain with gravel…. although I no longer need this to be close to Him when I want to “escape”, incredibly He has made it available to me whenever desired…

A great reminder that He gives us the desires of our heart, we just need to keep an open mind as we look, remember to invite Him to join us,  and then run with Him in total abandon!

7 thoughts on “Searching in Locations

    1. So glad! Some seasons are much easier to enjoy and SEE God’s hands then others too, aren’t they?

  1. Thank YOU for the reminder…that even in my snowy, freezing cold temperatures when I’m typically running inside that He’s still there and still meeting me even if it’s different and that He will provide. So faithful…
    love you!

  2. This post totally made me smile… the way you stumbled on to an outdoor “alone” trail right when you realized you didn’t need one. Now you’re ready to “find” Him anywhere and He gives you your hearts desire anyway. Love that. Love you!

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