Without Words

It is in the multitude of words that my challenge lies leaving me in fact, without words. An avalanche of words and events have been piling around me without the time to capture them on paper. The attempt to prioritize which story, testimony, or thought to share has left me either paralyzed in indecision, or with the… Continue reading Without Words


Standing in awe..

I stand in awe because: We held our first coach meeting last Friday and I realized how much I had missed everyone.  To be together as a group, in unity of vision and mission.  A heart that beats towards a common goal is so incredible… I stand in awe that: A group so different can… Continue reading Standing in awe..

Faith · Running

Searching in Locations

There have been so many adjustments since moving into Harrismith and although a small town, it still is a town. I quickly learned to enjoy our neighbors, who invited us to the neighborhood braai (barbecue) and began making us feel welcome right away. Living in town has also provided us with a fenced yard allowing… Continue reading Searching in Locations


Running again!

I’ve started running again. Today was my 4th day of running after a long absence. . . Changes, restructuring, organizing, moving, and figuring out life in South Africa all over again had me preoccupied, tired and drained of energy.  Add to that holidays and a computer that crashed taking my whole website with me =… Continue reading Running again!