Model, Equip & Multiply


I believe in raising up leaders, who raise up leaders.

I model, equip, and multiply… that’s what I live, breathe, and do.
If that is your passion and you want to invest your time, energy, and /or finances in the work and people I mentor, here are a variety of methods you can choose from.

Your investment has immediate, temporal, and eternal benefits.

To invest finances:
For online giving you may use Paypal

However, if you want tax credit, please mail a check to my stateside home church:

Resurrection Life Church Mid Michigan
c/o Chris Hale
714 S. Main
St Louis, MI 48880

Stay connected

I love hearing from you via email, Facebook, and snail mail.  It helps me to stay connected and lets me know how to pray for you. Here’s the info you need.  The links for Facebook and Twitter are on my sidebar.

Personal email:
Ministry email:

Postal mail can be sent to the field here:

June Blanshan
PO Box 1168
Harrismith 9880
South Africa


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